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We Are Constantly Shifting

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

We are constantly shifting.

Nothing ever stays the same in this dimension that we are existing.

The only thing constant is change.

One good thing about that is that at any given moment we can choose to shift, to change, to raise to a higher frequency. We never have to stay stuck where we are at. When you are in a bad mood you have a choice to stay vibrating on that lower frequency or to shift up into a better mood.

One of the easiest tools to get you their is expressing gratitude. Doing so will immediately begin your shift up and lighten your emotional load.

We are constantly shifting.

Nothing ever remains the same.

Every moment in time offers you the opportunity to shift up or down.

Things happen that will set you off, but you don't have to stay upset for the rest of your day and spread that bad energy to all you interact with along your way.

We are constantly shifting. You have control over your emotions. You can shift into a better more peaceful, happy, and grateful place at any given moment in time.

We are constantly shifting people. Let that idea really settle and take root in your heart. Let's continue to shift up together and raise the vibration of this universe!

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