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Events by Dr. Seima Diaz 

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 Group Therapy 

​ School Guest Speaker 


​ Conference Presenter 

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Past Events
You Can Heal Your Life Retreat

The beautiful retreat space

Grateful to be doing this work

My retreat co-facilitators

Healing tools to explore during the breaks

Gift boxes

Crystal Sound Bowls


Learning and processing the retreat content

Body scans to better understand our physical reactions to our emotions

Yoga Healing


Guided meditation and Sound Healing

Group Reiki Healing

Getting the fire ready for the Cleansing Ceremony

Releasing negative energy and old core beliefs that no longer serve us

Sage Smudging

Retreat Gift Boxes full of healing tools to use on your own to continue your self-healing journey

Selenite Crystal wands getting cleansed for the gift boxes

Making the essential oil blends for the gift boxes

Cleansing the sage with my intention and more sage for the gift boxes

Tools for Transformation Workshop

The beautiful space where all the magic happened

Many self-healing tools to explore during the break

Gift Bags

Healing tools in the gift bags for each guest

Amethyst crystals cleared, charged, and programmed for the gift bags

Snacks and refreshments

My co-facilitator Stacy Volkart

Yoga and Sound Healing on the beach

Bringing visions to life with this candle lit guided meditation

Love and light

The ideal learning views and environment

Meditating and clearing the energy in the space before the workshop

The view

Greeting the retreat guests as they arrived

The Blue Lantern Inn

All the beauty surrounding the venue


Such a comforting space for our healing to unfold

So many resources and tools to explore in-between activities

Our healing circle

Gift box healing tools for each retreat guest

Citrine, Orange Calcite, & Clear Quartz crystals cleared, recharged & programmed for each guest

Yoga before lunch


Folders to guide us through the day's process

Art therapy- Soul Work

Beyond grateful to be doing this work

Feeling so inspired and grateful for this event and each soul who attended

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