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Quarantine 2020 Fruit, Vegetable, and Water Cleanse

Since the start of Quarantine 2020, I've been hearing a lot of people talk about their struggles with food and their body. Being home ridden for any amount of time (never the less 6+ weeks) can cause anyone to reach in those cupboards and binge. Quarantine 15 is the new Freshman 15, you feel me? In addition to dealing with all of the changes happening in our world socially, working remotely, losing a job, homeschooling, canceled plans, anxiety...we are also being called to reestablish our relationship with food now that we are in a face-off with our kitchen. For some, they are cooking for the first time. Others are struggling to manage their food addiction.

Around week 3 of quarantine, I found myself feeling bloated and did not understand why. After a few days of zoning in on my eating habits I realized I was consuming too much food (because duh, I am cooking all of this food for my family so I have to eat it, Right?!) and I was eating more junk food than I could have before with my "go, go, go" schedule. This inspired me to clean up my gut health with a fruit, vegetable, and water cleanse.

I am so happy that you have decided to join me in this plant-based cleanse. Some of the benefits of engaging in this cleanse are more energy, less tummy bloating, mental clarity and focus, self-control, self-accountability, less anxiety, not to mention- you might lose a couple pounds. The idea is to jump start a more plant-based diet that you can adopt moving forward. When you increase you plant-food intake, you decrease you risk of obesity, heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. All of which increase your risk for sever illness from the new coronavirus. Even replacing one meal a day with a plant-based meal can improve how you feel and think.

More than ever in history, now is the time to pay attention to your health and do everything in your power to keep your immune system strong. Having an auto immune disorder myself, there is nothing more important to me than creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

Below is some information and tips on how to be the most successful with this cleanse.


1) Commit To a Date. I am hosting this cleanse online through Instagram. There is no sign up, simply join in the fun on 5/1/20 &/or 5/2/20. You can do this again and again on your own as you work to clean up your eating habits.

2) Recruit an Accountability Partner. Burdens are lifted when they are shared. Having a loved one or friend to do the cleanse with may help you be more committed.

3) Buy Fresh Produce in Advance. 1-2 days before the cleanse is ideal. Avoid buying your food triggers such as processed foods and food high in sugar.

4) Prepare Your Produce in Advance. Wash and chop vegetables that you will eat raw the day before. Also cook vegetables medley’s the day before so that they can be easily reheated the day of the cleanse.

5) Drink Hot Lemon Water. Drink a cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning, after lunch, and after your last intake of food at night. This will cleanse your organs and settle your stomach after eating.

6) Prepare Yourself for Sucess. The morning of the cleanse, prepare a good amount of fruits and vegetables that you can leave out and enjoy throughout the day. Make the plate attractive and accessible. The easier it is to reach for the fruits and vegetables, the easier it will be to stick with the cleanse.

7) Hot meals vs. Snacks. Save hot plant-based meals for lunch and dinner. Something about eating a hot meal will add to your satisfaction. Save your smoothies for in-between meals as a tasty snack.

8) Variety is Your Friend. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. The more flavors and textures you have, the less bored you will feel with the cleanse and your limited options.


1) Start Now. From now until the cleanse, replace one meal a day with a plant-based meal to help get you ready for the cleanse.

2) Hunger vs. Thirst. When you feel the urge to eat, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry, or am I just thirsty?” We often mistake the bodies signal of thirst as hunger. Drink water and then see if you’re actually hungry before eating.

3) Hunger vs. Cravings. To decipher the difference between hunger and cravings use the power of deep breathing to attune with your body. Take three deep breaths and then ask yourself, “Am I really hungry, or am I just bored, tired, thirsty, stressed…”.

4) Sleep. Get a good night’s rest the night before. A lack of sleep will increase cravings and decrease your self-control.

5) Triple Threat Affirmation: Come up with your three whys. What are three reasons you are committing to this cleanse? Maybe it’s to lose weight, to jump start a lifestyle change, or simply to challenge yourself in a new way. Whatever your whys are, create a 3 word affirmation you can easily recite in your mind to affirm your intentions and focus yourself from distracting thoughts. My Triple Threat Affirmation is: Immunity, Gut Health, Self-Control.

I hope this information helps you feel fully prepared to take on this cleansing experiences with me. Together, we will jumpstart your way towards a healthier relationship with food. I’d love to hear from you and your experience doing the cleanse. Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or concerns. Tag me in a picture or story on Instagram so that we can connect while doing the cleanse together virtually.

Thank you for being a part of this healing community. I love you.

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