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Finding Calmness in a Busy Day

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Is it just me or does life always feel so busy and hurried?

Sometimes what life really feels like is the longest list of to-do's to tackle each day. And while happily scratching items off the list, new items are being added. Our busy lifestyles often robs us from living in the moment and actually being present in what we say or do.

So how do we find calmness in a busy day?

How do we get back to our mindful place?

Here are three techniques that you can do quickly and from anywhere to center your mind and find your chi.

1. Quick 4 minute Guided Meditation: Listen to a guided meditation for 4 minutes. This will be long enough to take your mind body and soul to a happier place. And short enough to not be able to claim that you don't have time for it in your day. A quick 4 minutes a day is powerful enough to lower your stress and increase your quality of life. You can access a few Guided Meditations written by me here.

2. Spend time in nature: Wherever you are, stop and take a step outside. Sit in nature in silence. Allow the birds to sing a special song, just for you. Watch the tree next to you shed its leaves. It is in the silence within nature that we awaken our spirit and reconnect to our inner guidance.

3. Deep breathing: Taking 5 deep breaths will immediately center your mind and calm your body. Our minds and muscles need oxygen to function better. So for physical and mental clarity and calmness, breathe.

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